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July 4th 2004 The light that is the reflection - Catharsis [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Akasha Damiana

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July 4th 2004 The light that is the reflection [Aug. 7th, 2014|06:02 pm]
Akasha Damiana
Distort my vision
till all I see is you
Trembling and bare
cous cous is good
Random thoughts invading

Tomorrow I will look
and laugh
and blush
Was a year ago this day
when I first felt the intense
The flirting
with life
and I felt such guilt
as I semi do now.

Tell me you're hard
and I will float in waves

Seems so surreal
that so much has transpired
when I still see
that face in front of me
holding the sparklers
brilliant diatribe abounding
averting gaze so as not to
look at me.

When you asked if I would
like to see what is private
and I in all seriousness and
trembling boldness said
What I would give to be inside your head
in that moment.
Tsing Dao
The Gods look down and laugh
at fragile beginnings
and futile searches
and lust so divine

I am mine
and you may have a slice.